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  • Communal Violence and propaganda

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    The book diagnoses the mechanisms behind communal violence and its digestion in mediatic discourse and public policies. Sadly, it describes phenomena just as real and prevalent today as when it was written. The silver lining is that it points away out of this recurrent problem, a demanding but promising solution.

  • Genetics and the Aryan debate: “Early Indians” Tony Joseph’s Latest Assault

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    The present work analyses the whole “genetic” case for the AIT as per this book by Tony Joseph, and demonstrates how Genetics is irrelevant to the problem of the ancient history of the Indo-European languages.

  • Hindu Temples: What happened to them, Vol.1: A Preliminary Survey

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    The book restricts itself mainly to the study of Hindu temples destroyed and desecrated and converted into mosques and khanqahs without overlooking Muslim’s ideology of iconoclasm; here and there, it also mentions other theological props and concomitants of the iconoclastic ideology.

  • Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them, Vol.2: The Islamic Evidence

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    The subject of this volume is not so much the destruction of Hindu temples as the character of Islam – an imperialist ideology of terrorism and genocide masquerading as a religion, in fact, as the only true religion. It is high time for Hindus to see Islam not with its own eyes but from the viewpoint of the great spiritual vision which is their inheritance

  • Hindu View of Christianity and Islam

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    Hitherto, scholars have looked at Hinduism through the eyes of Christianity and Islam, but here an attempt has been made to discuss them from the viewpoint of Hindu spirituality. The two prophetic religions have a long history of conflict but they also share a common spiritual perspective

  • Indian Muslims – Who are They

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    Several factors have contributed to the growth of Muslim population in India-invading armies with their retinues, constant recruitment of soldiers from across the borders, red-carpet welcome extended to immigrants from Muslim countries, forcible conversions, proselytization by means of pressures and temptations, large-scale polygamy with Hindu women, and the proverbial Muslim fecundity enjoined by express statements of the Prophet who wanted his flock ‘to be more numerous than any other people’.

  • Malabar and the Portuguese

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    K.M. Panikkar (1895-1963) became well known as a distinguished administrator and diplomat. But the field in which he really excelled was history. His best work, Asia and western Dominance, was published in 1953, and raised a great uproar in Christian missionary circles, particularly in India. He had documented the role of Christian missions as accomplices of Western in 1929, was a prolegomenon to what came twenty-four years later.;It is customary to speak about the ‘Portuguese Empire’ in India as if it were something distantly alike, and predecessor to, the British Empire. The Portuguese never had any ‘Empire’ in India. They had a few coastal towns, and their authority never extended beyond a few miles of their naval bases. So far as Malabar was concerned this was undoubtedly the case.

  • Mohammed and the rise of Islam

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    Marligoliouth was a great linguist and scholar and was for a long time a professor of Arabic at the Univ. of Oxford. The spiritual equipage of Islam and Christianity is similar; their spiritual contents, both in quality and quantum, are about the same. The central piece of the two creeds is “one true God” of masculine gender who makes himself known to his believers through an equally single, favoured individual.

  • The Aryan Invasion Theory and Indian Nationalism

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    There is one remote period of history, or prehistory, which, in spite of its remoteness, has come to acquire a major propaganda-value for communists and their ilk – the period of the so-called ‘Aryan Invasion of India’. A race of people, called the ‘Aryans’, is supposed to have invaded India somewhere around 2000-1500 BC from the north-west. These Aryans, after centuries of warfare and bloodshed, are supposed to have destroyed, or driven south-wards, or subjugated and absorbed (as lower castes) most of the natives in the north of the ‘subcontinent’, and then themselves occupied the northern areas. Originally formulated by European scholars, mainly for imperialistic reasons, this theory has been perfected by Indian Leftists into a powerful weapon to be used against Indian nationalism.


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    Any history of Khilafat -Non-co-operation movement which leaves out the role of the Moplahs in the horrible genocide of Hindus can never be taken as an authentic historical narrative. Thus, in the official historiography that we have since Nehru’s days, the dominant view is that India’s struggle for independence was primarily non-violent and it was thus entirely Gandhian

  • The Rushdie Affair: The Novel The Ayatollah and the West

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    Daniel Pipes is the author of five books on the Middle East, including The Long Shadow: Culture and Politics in the Middle East and In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power. He has written over 80 magazine and journal pieces and is the editor of ORBIS, the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s quarterly journal of world affairs. He also served in three positions at the Department of State

  • Vedic Aryans and the Origins of Civilization

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    This is the fourth edition of the acclaimed work first published nearly twenty years ago. In this significantly expanded edition, the authors summarize the progress to date and set the stage for future research by incorporating recent discoveries in natural history like the Toba explosion 75,000 years ago. This allows them to show Vedic ideas and language to be late Pleistocene and early Holocene evolutionary phenomena that made their way to Europe some 10,000 years ago leaving their imprint on the languages and cultures of Europe. This provides a scientific explanation for the 200 years-old puzzle of why Indian and European languages are related. All these make the present edition the definitive work covering the discoveries of the last three decades and the starting point for all future work in the area following the collapse of the Aryan invasion myth

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