B. S. Harishankar

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  • Beyond Rampage : West Asian Contacts Of Malabar and Khilafat

  • Cultural Terrorism – Conflicts and Debates on Cultural Pasts

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    The collection of twenty one articles by B.S.Harishankar contemplates recent approaches on various aspects of India’s cultural past in a global context. The work discusses intervention by colonial and post colonial groups on our archaeology, anthropology and historiography and the changing dimensions of our social and cultural perspectives. The essays have been grouped thematically in four sections comprehending various themes. It includes dimensions of cultural terrorism, eastern and western nationalisms, Aryan issues, imperial census, colonial castes, dalit and subaltern issues, Ramayana, Mahabharata and cultural geography, Abhinava Gupta’s legacy and Kashmir’s connectivity with greater India, traditional knowledge systems, classical Tamil and the greater Indian tradition, global alignment between Marxism and church, crusades and its current impact on west Asia and Europe, Indo Jewish fraternity, foreign interventions at Pattanam and Keezhadi archaeological sites, and espionage in global universities by left and Wahabbi groups. B.S.Harishankar is an archaeologist historian and has authored seven books.

Showing all 2 results