Beyond Rampage : West Asian Contacts Of Malabar and Khilafat


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Historian late Dr B S Harishankar busts the myth that the Hindu genocide of 1921 in Malabar was carried out by poor and landless Muslim peasants on Hindu landlords. With hitherto unseen evidence and documents, he proved that the promoters of the massacre were wealthy Moplahs who had mercantile interests in West Asia and other countries. A book to treasure.

The scholarly work, Beyond Rampage: West Asian Contacts of Malabar and the Khilafat, covers multiple issues such as the advent of colonialism in India with Portuguese, conflicts with Mappila Muslims in West Coast, issue of anti-Christian Fatwas by Muslim priests, Tipu’s invasion of Malabar, alliance with French colonialism , exodus of Hindus from Malabar, advent of British colonial power, Khilafat and Hagia Sophia Cathedral issue in 1920, and Sunni Mappilla uprising in 1921 and Hindu massacre.

According to Harishankar, it was not the landless peasant and tenant Sunni Mappilas who caused the 1921 riots, but a wealthy and powerful timber lobby of Mappilas who organized the violence. The work discusses the West Asian connections of Khilafat and the Sunni Mappilas as a powerful economic community in south India. The book was released by Professor Abdul Salaam, the former Vice-Chancellor of Calicut University, Kerala.

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