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  • Hinduthwam Urappicha Kumaranasan ( ഹിന്ദുത്വം ഉറപ്പിച്ച കുമാരനാശാൻ )

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    The Grants of Calliope

  • Oh, Mizoram

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    The poems found in this book reflect the different traits of the poet. Among other things, he is a lover of nature, a humorist, and above all, a statesman. The reader can expect to immerse himself in an electic poetic world, traversing through a range of diverse topics.

  • ECHOES OF ACHE: An Anthology of Poems

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    Pregnant with profound philosophy, garnished by the subtle beauty of nature and painted by the delicate brushes of imagination, Sanwi’s poems weave magic upon the minds of readers. ‘Echoes of Ache’ is not just an anthology of poems but a work of exceptional merit that not only explore the virgin mindscapes of a woman but also speaks the tale of an era that she represents.

  • A Sense of Shame

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    An anthology of poetry A Sense of Shame is a mirror that reflects the intricacies of modern life. Through vivid imageries, the poets bring about contemporary life in India.

  • A Bundle of Joy

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    This is a phenomenal collection of poems that spring from the dulcet heart of damsel. The poet’s persona has made a kaleidoscopic view of life events such as the predicament of a human soul wherein it tries to relocate itself within one’s own heavings. Nothing goes unnoticed. The poet’s bird’s eye view captures the ordinary life with all its Eddies and blockages. “A Bundle of Joy” has been exploring the explored in her own way. The choice is her own but the poems reflect universality.

  • Late Night Lantern

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    The world with its myriad shades reflects within the eyes of one who look at it, however, not everyone who watch it become a poet, nor all poets who look at it turns a seer. A seer is born when what is perceived is churned within the deepest self and turns to its essence. It is a magic, how Parvathy Tojo, a new bloom in the garden of literature, transforms those ordinary vision into a poetry of profound experience that a reader would feel throbbing within.

  • Marti and Other Poems

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    MARTI AND OTHER POEMS by NANCY PAUL It was almost half a decade ago, ardent lovers of poetry hear the name of Nancy Paul that soon became one of the powerful names among the contemporary Indian English writers. A flower blooming its majestic petals wouldn’t take long to spread its fragrance across the skies! Here is an anthology of poems that not only gives you glimpses of the lives around but also that brings you the meaning beyond!

  • Musings of Venus

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    As the second-brightest natural object in Earth’s night sky after the Moon, Venus can be visible to the naked eye even in broad daylight. So is ‘the Musings of Venus by Aparna Ajith! I am sure, this work of exceptional merit will stand out among all other illustrious works in literature with all its beauty and profundity.

  • Songs Ethereal

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    The Songs Ethereal surface on the constantly changing landscape of English literature. You hold such a volume now. The poet uses organic imagery throughout, reflecting his deep love for nature. It is a timeless rhythm that pulses with the joy of life and thankfulness for it in each line of what may be destined to become a new modern classic

  • Strangled Voices

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    “Strangled Voices” is an anthology of poetry that brings hope into a world where the voices of women are often muted. Nancy Paul, one among the most powerful voices among the contemporary English poets not only presents here a volume of poetry, but a slice of her times, that the future generations would cherish.

  • Symphony of the Ocean

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    The poems of this collection try to render musicality and permanence to certain aspects of all our Lives. It is perhaps Nature, Spirituality and a Love of oneself that guides you the most in your trying times. Being a woman, I strongly believe that success comes only though deeply rooted convictions and unwavering love for all around us. All are unique and each one of them passes you by with a sweet or sour message.

  • The Solivagant

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    The debut volume of poetry by Anie Mathew brings us an emotion that is beyond the scope of verbalisation where, after reading each poem, a reader would simply stop for a while and start meditating upon the verses. The experience is similar to that of a sweet pain that we experience standing upon a valley looking at a majestic sunset or looking at the stars blinking upon the skies on a beautiful summer night.

Showing all 13 results