Fast Food: The Lure and the Trap


If burgers don’t get you, pizzas would! If crispy chips don’t get you, then ice creams or chocolates would! The list of such fast/junk foods goes on. Some of you may be already salivating just by reading the names of these fast foods and your mind is like ‘Yeh Dil Maange More‘ and now itself! If you are one of those, don’t be on a guilt trip; rest assured, you have company. You are just one of those millions who have been trapped in this fast-food conundrum without your own knowledge. Your health is your responsibility. Your children’s health is your responsibility too. As a country with 65 percent of its population below 35 years, it’s time for India to wake up, stand up, and fight together against her new invader – the fast-food culture, before it consumes our youth totally. India needs healthy individuals to propel her to greater heights in the coming years and decades. This book can give you enough information with facts and figures on the impacts of fast food, which may offer you a chance to change your belief for a better one.

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