If I Had 3 Wishes


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About The Book

‘If I Had Three Wishes’ is a collection of poems based on the memories and personal experiences of a young boy growing up in a major metropolis. It depicts the imagination, experience, and desire of a young, inspiring individual who is fortunate to grow up in an extremely secure, stable, and supportive household, but how, even in these ideal
circumstances, all of life’s flavors, both joyful and hurtful—love, distance, hatred, death, and uncertainty—were always knocking at his door.

About The Author

Mumbai-born Pratham Mehta is a bright young boy with a passion. Despite his genuine love for science and his unwavering aspiration to become a renowned researcher, he frequently turns to poetry as a way to subtly express his wild thoughts and beliefs. Pratham’s love of poetry, which began as a school assignment when he was ten years old, stayed mostly dormant for the majority of his middle school years. However, in high school, the success (and therapy) that came with penning poems sparked his interest again. Pratham will be approaching his seventeenth birthday when this collection of poems is first published. The book attempts to demonstrate Pratham’s true self in addition to bringing pride in his work to the public eye.

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