Militant Islam : Mecca To Delhi

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All monotheistic ideologies, including Islam and Marxism, have a tendency to create dictators. Specific characteristics of militancy in the world, such as kidnapping, taking hostages, demanding ransom and Jihad were contributed by Islam.

India witnessed it during the Islamic conquest of the Sindh in the 8th century, attacks of Muhammad Ghori, and Mahmud Ghazni, and finally during the Mughal empire. Bakhtiyar Khalji destroyed the Nalanda University; Qutb Din Aibak constructed the victory pillar, Qutb Minar, destroying 27 temples. For Islam, the conquest of India and Hindus was Jihad. Since the events of September 11, 2001, Islam has faced criticism over its scriptures and teachings being claimed to be a significant source of terrorism and terrorist ideology. India had known it for several centuries, as a politico-religious phenomenon, rooted in militancy.

This book by eminent academic, writer and Journalist Rama Chandran, chronicles the militancy, Islam has given birth to and groomed over centuries of strife and conquests. It begins at Mecca and ends in the conquest of Delhi. It is a must-read for peace lovers of all religions.


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