NARAYANA GURU : The prophet of Renaissance




The 19th century India gave birth to a galaxy of great men. These men, who hailed from every part of India, not only met the challenge of Western Civilization successfully, but also gave rise to an era of rich creativity in every field of national life. Sri Narayana Guru was one in that galaxy of great men. Born in the erstwhile state of Travancore as a member of the depressed Ezhava community, he rose to supreme spiritual heights. Within the span of his own life time, he brought about a peaceful revolution in the condition of the downtrodden people of Kerala, an accomplishment rarely equalled; much less, surpassed. It was a remarkable achievement which has won for the Guru the unreserved appreciation of men like Tagore, Swami Shraddhananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

Narayana Guru, the Prophet of Renaissance, by P. Parmeshwaran the story of the inspiring life of the same great soul of our times


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