The Odyssey

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The ‘Odyssey’ follows the journey of ‘Stanley’, from a man who runs away from truth, to a man who accepts and embraces life for what it truly is – hardships, joys and all. After we get to know a bit about Stanley through the first few chapters, the story takes a sharp turn as he is forced to face and relive a traumatic event that he chose to forget and attempted to repress. What follows is a chaotic unravelling of the various levels of Stanley’s psyche and consciousness, all represented as various realms for the reader to explore. The book was also partly inspired from the famous epic – “Homer’s Odyssey”, where the protagonist Odysseus goes to fight a War with his crew-mates and returns home alone. The ‘Odyssey’ that Stanley goes through, however, is that of a spiritual nature, and the author has crafted this journey based on the various teachings of his beloved Guru, Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru — the founding Guru of Santhigiri Ashram. In this story, Stanley faces a war against the demons and various personas that he himself has inadvertently created. The spiritual experience that he has gone through enables him to find peace with who he has become, and he finally goes back home ‘alone’.

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