Recasting the Indosphere : Indic Strategy for Sinic Challenge


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The existence of the Indosphere in the Southeast Asia region is an acknowledged fact. Historically, the region’s indigenous communities, from the mainland to the archipelagos, embraced Indic civilization as against the Sinic influence from close proximity. The cultural interactions ruptured when mother country India was reeling under foreign invasions. Time has come to revive this civilizational bond and recast its related approach, bearing in mind the inevitable and persistent clash of civilizations—Indic versus Sinic—underlying the realities of modern geopolitics. Framework for wielding and leveraging soft power capital, a challenge in itself, will have to be highly nuanced, using public diplomacy tools extensively. That will play a crucial geostrategic role in the near future on this eastern flank of the Indo-Pacific.

About The Author

Pulind Samant is Mumbai born (1967), post-graduate in ‘Labour Studies’(1990) from the University of Mumbai. He is currently pursuing Ph.D. research in the subject of International Relations, at an affiliated centre of the University of Mumbai. His topic of research pertains to the civilisational bond between India and Southeast Asia in general and Indonesia in particular.

He is a blogger, a columnist and a professional translator. He was on the panel of ‘Marathi Vishwakosh Nirmiti Mandal’ (Marathi Encyclopaedia producing body), Govt. of Maharashtra, in the subject of International Relations (2019). He presented papers in national seminars (2019 and 2023), sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs, and published an article, ‘Indic Perspective of the 2020 Pro-democracy Agitation in Thailand’, in international journal ‘Asian Review’ (2021). His Marathi translation of Rajiv Malhotra’s seminal work ‘Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism’ was published in June 2023. He is a visiting faculty at Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership (IIDL).

He has had a successful corporate career spanning 27 years (1990-2017) previously, as a Human Resource Management professional, having worked with a number of reputed Indian companies and MNCs. He is well travelled in India and overseas.

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